Saturday, April 12, 2014

(760) 423-1100 "Mystery Shopped"

We called (760) 423-1100. We got an announcement with their hours and various options. One of them, option #5, is for the "inter agent" for complaints, but it doesn't work.

We pressed #9 for the operator. She said "NCR" which are the initials of the new company Ryon Gambill has been fundraising for.

We told her we got a call from CPS, wanted to know what was going on with the kids. She said it was a wrong number. We pressed her. She finally said "well we are CPS, but not *that* CPS" (aha). Which CPS are you, we asked "credit <mumble mumble" she said."

This is proof that they use the CPS initials to get people to call back, but that they are trying to hide behind different initials-NCR.

Do not pay these people. They are dishonest. The "CPS" thing is a trick, and a dirty one at that.

Ryon Gambill has a criminal record. Nothing noble about it, he was convicted of phone harassment.

Ryon Gambill has an outstanding arrest warrant. Google "ryon gambill arrest warrant" and you can find an image of it. Call the number on the warrant for confirmation.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ryon Gambill and Marauder: Is a Texas Court Defeat a Warning Sign to Potential Investors in Northern Collection and Recovery?

Ryon Gambill, the proprietor of Marauder Corporation (the source of phone calls from (760) 423-1100) and now, apparently, also the proprietor of a new company, Northern Collection and Recovery, is seeking investment capital. Among other things, he has posted a solicitation on, a "bulletin board" frequented by those in the debt collection industry.

When a poster challenged Gambill about his background, Gambill's response raised the issue of "vetting" posted material. Gambill also, incidentally, wished the "questioning" poster a Merry Christmas.

Well, what we can do here is to wish Mr. Gambill a Happy New Year by doing a little vetting for him.

It would appear that Marauder Corporation contacted Stacey Beall and threatened her with arrest and the closure of her office if she did not pay a debt. These are clearly illegal comments. Beall sued, and won.

Marauder, however, refused to pay. The judge in the case issued the following order, which included sanctions for contempt of court:

This, Mr. Gambill, is about as "vetted" as it gets. This was taken straight out of PACER. 

This is far from the only lawsuit filed against Marauder. Anyone taking the time to investigate the legal history of Gambill and Marauder will find that they don't do well in court. 

Gambill decided, at one point, to sue late consumer advocate Bud Hibbs. Gambill, on, claimed that Hibbs "backed off" on certain comments made about Gambill. PACER, however, tells a different story. The truth seems to be that the judge dismissed Gambill's case because Gambill failed to retain local counsel.

Our advice to potential investors in Northern Collection and Recovery (or, indeed, any venture associated with Ryon Gambill) is to exercise extreme caution. You should demand independently verifiable documentation of each and every claim that is made. You should also conduct extensive due diligence into Mr. Gambill's background, looking, for instance, for past criminal convictions and outstanding arrest warrants.

You should also ask Mr. Gambill, in detail, about his finances. As far as we know, the Beall judgment referenced above has never been paid, and continues to accrue interest. Could your investment in Gambill's new venture be seized as part of the satisfaction of this, or some other, judgment against Gambill or Marauder? Another fertile area for investigation is the foreclosure of Mr. Gambill's former home at 75147 La Sierra Drive. What happened here? If Mr. Gambill exhibited serious financial irresponsibility, is that an indicator that your investment could be at risk?

In addition, there is no evidence whatsoever to support Mr. Gambill's claim that he takes compliance seriously. As debt collection laws become more stringent, so too do the penalties for their violation.

If Mr. Gambill is willing to engage in such egregious behavior as threatening someone with arrest, there is a strong possibility that your investment in Northern Collection and Recovery could be wiped out in civil penalties and judgments issued against the company.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ryon Gambill: His Home Has Been FORECLOSED!

By now, just about everyone knows that Ryon Gambill is the man behind calls from (760) 423-1100.

Well, if you get a call from that number, you can have some fun.

Ask them about the foreclosure of Ryon Gambill's home at 75147 La Sierra Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92211.

Here's a nice document:

Gambill and his wife (Kimberly Nicole Edwards Gambill) purchased the home in February of 2005 for $475,000. Here it is, being tentatively sold for $269,000-valued at $309,766.

The seller is listed as Kim. Maybe Ryon's relationship with Christina Troll has something to do with that?

In any case, Gambill has taken a real bath on this-hardly the type of thing a master skip tracer and "leader in debt collection" would be proud of. What on earth does his credit report look like?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Proof That Marauder Gets Your Data From Experian!

Some people have been asking where Marauder Corporation gets your data. They are led to believe that if Marauder has your data, that the debt and their collection efforts must be legitimate.

No, this is not true.

As this document from a lawsuit against Experian shows, Marauder Corporation has been a client of Experian since 2002. This is where they get your data.

Access for Marauder's fraudulent purposes is a violation of the law. Experian, as shown here, has been sued for this many times. The typical result is a five figure settlement and the removal of inquiries and negative reporting from Marauder. Nonetheless, they see fit to continue their relationship with Ryon Gambill and Marauder. 

This just goes to show you how much money Experian makes off of Marauder.

The solution is simple: sue Experian. As mentioned above, they will settle, but they play hardball. You may well have to sue, as many people have gotten nowhere just by writing to them and calling them on the phone.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

(760) 423-1100: Phone Number of Convicted Criminals!

Did you get  a call from (760) 423-1100?

That call came from the Marauder Corporation.

The voice on the other end of the phone probably belonged to one of two people.

Choice #1 is Ryon Gambill. He has, as you can read a criminal record for harassment and at least one outstanding arrest warrant.

Choice #2 is Raymond Wrightsman. Well, it would seem that Ray is no stranger to criminal convictions himself, take a look at this:

The traffic violations-not great, but keep on reading.

Yes, it seems Mr. Wrightsman beats his wife or "cohabitant" as the California Penal Code puts it.

What wonderful people. What a wonderful organization. What a wonderful client for data resellers Experian.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

(760) 423-1100 is NOT Child Protective Services

Here's a typical complaint about this number:

"A friend of ours received a call from a Kate Miller at CPS 1-760-423-1100 ext 203 regarding a case # 5448953 stating that she needed to get ahold of my husband right away regarding a matter. I called her right away because "CPS" to me is Child Protective Service" I was totally freaking out and very scared!  I asked her what they wanted and what "CPS" meant. Kate Miller stated that it was Check Protection Services and my husband owed a debt of $107.50 and she had spoke with the administrator of this pay day loan that my husband suppovisly owed this money to. I asked her how we could pay for this and Kate Miller stated that we could send it via western union or via personal bank account. DUH! Im not stupid scammer Kate! I looked up their "CPS" website and it's a scam there is NO real website! I made contact with Kate Miller today 12/9/2011 and told her that I knew her company was a scam and she would NOT be getting my money I also told her that I filled a fruad complaint through the FBI and to please stop contacting me she got very vulgar over the phone with me telling me that my husband will go to jail and she will make sure I go to jail as well for not paying a bill that I know I have never owed! Calling me horrible names and threatening me, kate miller then hung up on me so I called back and she then said to me " why are you calling me back I do not want to talk to you talk to my manger Mr Tucker" she sent me to his voicemail and I told him the same thing that I told Kate Miller. This is a scam people do NOT fall for it!”

An off-hours call to the number proved interesting. It does in fact say that you have reached CPS, but it does not say what CPS stands for.

It would seem that this is the typical Ryon Gambill/Marauder Corporation ruse, trying to make people think that Child Protective Services is investigating them. You should complain to the real CPS in California about this, their website is here, with the complaint details.

You should also file a complaint with Experian, as they continue to allow Gambill and Marauder access to their databases!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Complaint About (760) 423-1100

A typical complaint about calls from (760) 423-1100; these calls come from the Marauder Corporation, owned and operated by Ryon Gambill.

"Caller ID shows 760-423-1100 but message says to call back (800) 460-0085 x205. The voicemail was fastly spoken & urgent sounding, they gave me a case # ending with IRS and repeated how urgent it was to return the call to Nick Thompson at CPS but gave no further detail. I have no idea what this would be in regards to and they can mail a certified letter if they need to contact me. I've been getting lots of phishing emails and calls lately, I don't trust any one!"